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Just as in paint, not all paint brushes and rollers are not created equal. To do a great painting job one needs to have the right brush and roller. Struve Paint carries a variety of brushes and rollers that will help you paint trim, large and small walls, behind the toilet, inside cabinets, and other specialty places and items. We help our customers select the correct brush and roller for the job. Struves carries the full line from Wooster Brush Company, and assortment from Pro Roller, and The Paint Brush Corporation. Competitive pricing is available on quantities for contractors.


Wallcovering Supplies

Stripping wall paper can be simple or tedious. It greatly depends on the prep that went into hanging it. If it was put right onto sheet rock, stop right there. Don't even try to remove it. You will have to patch the sheet rock. Struve's suggests painting over the wall paper with an oil base primer to seal the seams and the paper. Most other removals will have other solutions for removal. Just remember, most wallpapers are water proof and need to have holes poked into the paper in order for any liquid to penetrate the surface. Struve's carries a variety of tools and solutions to remove wallpaper. Stop in and we will be happy to give you help and encouragement. We also have a Warner Streamer for rent.


Painter pants can be ordered. Struve Paint T- Shirts and Sweatshirts are available to contractors and painters.

Misc. Products

Since Struve's is a paint store, we carry many products that help you in having a successful painting experience. We carry a variety of sand papers, painter tapes: 3M and intertape, PG29 masking tapes and many other products. We have an Airlessco Paint Sprayer for rent with the purchase of paint.

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