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Struve Paint and Decorating is not just a retail store, but also a service center. Struve’s will help you with many of your custom decorating needs.

  • Color selection – Whether you are looking for the “popular” color of the day, or a unique color to go with a special piece with which you are decorating, the people at Struve’s can help you find just the right color. We have color samples that can be checked out, and small samples of paint that can be purchased. Our computerized color matching tools can also help us mix the right color.

  • Stain matching-Struve’s has been known for their custom stain service for both new and old projects. Just bring in a sample of the wood and what needs to be matched, and we can do the job for you. We just ask that you give us 24 hours when we are busy.

  • Spray Cans- We can put both your latex and oil paints into a spray can for making touch-up and special areas easier to paint.

  • Custom window fashions- drapery, valances, cornice boards, bed spreads, etc. Maryette and Twanna will work with you in designing what you want. Call ahead (282- 2660) to make an in-store or in-home appointment.

  • Wall papering tips- If you need help installing or removing wall coverings, our knowledgeable staff is more than happy to explain the procedures.

  • Rental’s - Struve’s realizes that some jobs require special equipment. We rent wall paper removal steamers, pressure washers, and airless paint sprayers to our customers.
    Cost of rental is:

    $24.99 per full day/overnight
    $38.99 per weekend

    Airless paint sprayer:
    $100 per day- with Struve products only
    $25 refundable if returned clean

    pressure washer:
    $40 per 4 hours
    $60 per 8 hours
    $90 weekend

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